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" Novagraaf is an organization in which various fields of expertise in the field of intellectual property come together. During a Lean Management business event at the Nyenrode Business University, I met Jamila van de Voort, founder of Surmotion. Novagraaf was looking for a Lean Black Belt to guide us in analyzing and improving our business processes and their implementation. Jamila proved to be a good fit, to start our change process professionally and implement unified and uniform processes within our organization. Jamila has proven to understand the processes that are partly complex in several aspects of our services. She has managed to optimize processes for various Front, Mid and Back Office departments and has shown inventive, intelligent, tenacious, and decisive. Jamila does not avoid a professional confrontation and can cope well with resistance. She can shape changes positively and is helped by a keen eye for group dynamics. With her experience and personality, she delivers a special and valuable performance to bring business processes to a higher level.

For Novagraaf, she has proved to be of great value in improving and simplifying processes and implementing them. Given her excellent communication skills and socially intelligent approach, it was always a pleasure to work with her. I heartily recommend it to organizations that face similar challenges. "

Franc Enghardt – Director/Partner at Novagraaf-April 2017

"Due to increasing competition, Novagraaf has the challenge to innovate business processes and to work cost-effectively. Novagraaf is a market leader in the field of intellectual property protection, enormous amounts of legal documents. Jamila has quickly and skillfully mapped out how the processes can be optimized to achieve more scalability benefits and translate them into feasible IT initiatives. She has the lead to make these initiatives successful and guarantee it as a new way of working. Many primary core activities have been standardized and automated, saving costs and increasing quality. Jamila is decisive in her approach and is a good sparring partner when it comes to innovation and digitization in our processes. This applies to both the employees in the business processes and the Management Team. "

Peter Dost-Manager Shared Services and IT at Novagraaf April 2017

"Jamila and I work together on the professionalization and standardization of the business processes within the Department's delivery & Prosecution and Data Management. What I find very pleasant about our cooperation is good coordination and the high involvement of Jamila. Certainly also when it comes to matters that do not belong directly to her tasks. She brings a lot of expertise in analysis and change processes; on the other hand, she is efficient. Within the size of Novagraaf, results must be quickly realized. For Novagraaf, she has brought about many processes and behavioral changes. It focuses on the basic principles of various stakeholders and manages to reconcile their interests. Jamila realizes cost savings and offers improvement perspective, such as improving output and data streams within processes. Besides, she coaches our employees and is responsible for guaranteeing and continuing a uniform working method within our organization. "

Toon Simons – Finance Director & Operations at Novagraaf April 2017