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Surmotion is experienced to ensure the ultimate strategy that is focussed on customer value.

There are three value strategies:

Customer Intimacy: this enables you to deliver the best service from the market by building a strong relationship with the customer. The focus is on a strong customer relationship.

Operational excellence: is an excellent production process with superior operations and execution. The organisation usually offers a reasonable quality for a very low price.

Product Leadership: means that the quality of the product is the main focus to the organisation. Companies gain the customer's heart through excellent products.

The modern customer relationship combines operational excellence with customer intimacy. Companies like Uber and Airbnb manage to win the customer's heart (Customer intimacy) in an efficient way (operational excellence).

Because of the strong digitization, the human factor is ultimately what you are differentiating with. In addition to efficiency and customer focus, modern companies add a strong emotional bond to the customer's relationship.

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